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Galaxy Touch Center keypad CP041

Galaxy Touch Center keypad  CP041
Cena: 487,25 €
Daudzums:  gab.
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Preces kods: CP041
Ražotājs: Honeywell
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  •  Large customisable colour touch-screen
  • Simple graphical set/unset for systems with multiple areas/groups
  • Building control feature allows the user to control outputs to operate systems such as lighting and air-conditioning
  • Display combining icons with full English-text menu driven prompts
  • On-screen help files
  • Simpler setting and unsetting feature for systems with multiple areas
  • Entry/Exit Delay countdown displayed
  • Add, delete or edit users and codes with minimal training
  • View entire zone list with status of each zone in full English text not codes
  • Full Overview of system status display
  • End-user can quickly omit zones from zone list rather than scrolling through display lines
  • Event log display in full English-text
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